We are a proud Latin American company conceived and created in 2003. We created Paisanitos® to promote sustainable and organic products from Latin America. We wanted to offer our products to customers that appreciate tropical products and fair and sustainable agriculture. We have a team that is committed to providing high quality products to our clientele; at the same time, we feel committed to the farmers that work with us.

Latin American farmers, as many others in the world, constantly struggle to overcome the difficulties that come with farming, now more complex than ever due to the impact of global warming, which taxes tropical regions of the world more heavily than those located in temperate regions. Cultivating the land is all they know, many times; however, farmers don’t get a fair pay for their efforts. This leaves many farmers without real options; they can either accept an unfair price situation for their products or they can lose their crops; the choice is simple particularly because many of them don’t have the means or the knowledge to commercialize their products independently. The cycle then continues to repeat itself.

Sometimes this model offers enough for survival, but many times it pushes farmers to acquire debt as they run very slim margins and often times lose money. As a result, many of them live in a vicious circle perpetuated by a low level of education and limited means to improve their living conditions and that of their families.

We have a vested interested in the farmers that support our products; we understand it is thanks to them that we can bring you Paisanitos® products. This is why we pay prices we consider to be fair and this is why we believe we must work with the farmers to build a better future for Latin America.

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Paisanitos® brings you high quality foods from Tropical America. We are committed to innovation and to the highest satisfaction of our customers. Progress in Latin America depends in no small part on the principle of fair trade, primarily with our clients, farmers, and suppliers. We are environmentally and socially responsible for our actions and are convinced that all negotiations must be based on the win-win principle. This principle guarantees competitive prices for you and fair profits for us.

We'll be leaders in the Latin American sustainable and organic foods industry.