Banana production is an integral component of Costa Rica’s farming history. Banana production started in Costa Rica around 1870, just a few decades after Costa Rica’s independence from Spain. At that time the central government decided to build a railroad line between the Central Valley and the Caribbean Ocean. The intent of this project was to expedite the transportation of export-quality coffee from the Central Valley to the port. This coffee was primarily destined to England and Germany.

The construction of the railroad line was commissioned to Minor Keith. Once finished, he gained the concession to utilize the railroad. However, he quickly realized that the long-term viability of the train depended on the constant flow of cargo. Unfortunately, this is not something that could be accomplished with coffee, particularly considering that coffee is a seasonal product.

Fortunately, back in the 1870’s, there were already some banana plantations in several Caribbean Islands and Panama; this is where Mr.Keith brought the first seeds from. By the year 1880 the first export of Costa Rican bananas took place; these bananas sailed with New York as their destination. Since then, this activity has grown significantly and continues to hold an important role as one of the largest agricultural commodities produced by Costa Rica and exported to the world.

This is the backdrop of our product; an intensely rich banana farming history. Over the years, banana has grown to be more than just a fresh fruit; nowadays, purees, chips, dried bananas, and other related are produced from bananas. These new products bring valuable uses for bananas that don’t meet export quality standards and they create new jobs and better uses for bananas that might otherwise go to waste. This is one of the main reasons we are so proud of our banana chips, they help add value to the banana production cycle, which ultimately benefits the farmers and improves living standards for many.

DISASO, S.A., the Costa Rican company that brings you this wonderful product line, also seeks the highest quality standards in its products; this is why all required food safety standards are implemented during reception, processing, packing, and shipping of all Paisanitos® Banana Chips.

We hope you experience the exotic deliciousness of Paisanitos® Banana Chips.


Ingredients: Fresh bananas, spices, and salt. This product does not contain any preservatives, colorants, or artificial flavors.
Product of Costa Rica
Keep in a dry and cool place.
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International Orders

Paisanitos® Banana Chips are available to you in different sizes and presentations. Product for international orders is only available in fully loaded containers; however, an international order may contain this and other Paisanitos® products (consolidated containers) so long as the product origin is the same. At your request we may produce a quote for palletized product; however, keep in mind that cost is higher as a result of the additional packaging material that is required (pallets, corner boards, and pallet wrapping) and because container space cannot be equally maximized when cargo is palletized. This would increase the inland and ocean freight cost per unit.

Product Presentation Bags per Case (ct.) Cases per container (floor loaded) 20 ft. Cases per container (floor loaded) 40 ft (High Cube)
35 gram bag 60 720 1.640
50 gram bag 60 720 1.640
85 gram bag 33 594 1.680
142 gram bag 18 594 1.680

Shelf Life: 12 months when packaged.

Flavors: plain, onion, and sweet. However, at your request, we may produce banana chips in other flavors.


National Orders:

Paisanitos® Banana Chips are also available for sales and distribution in the Costa Rican market. Packaging for local sales is the same used for all international sales to English-speaking countries and territories. Packaging is both in English and Spanish and meets all local labeling requirements. Minimum order size will depend on customer location, need for door to door service, and scheduling of production.

For additional information on national and international orders please visit our ‘Contact Us’ section.