Paisanitos® Organic Exotic Sugar comes from the highlands of Pacto, a small town located in Ecuador, near the middle of the world. This incredible product is cultivated by small farmers that have been planting sugar cane for many generations. This is what they do and they take great pride in the way they do it. We know their quality is unparalleled and we decided to work with them to create this wonderful product.

Once harvested, raw sugar canes are taken to the processing plant where the canes are dehydrated by a process that provides its wonderful exotic flavor. During processing, various waste products are generated; however, these are not discarded into the environment as pollutants; they are actually utilized in different phases of production. For example, the "bagazo" (sugar cane after juice has been extracted) is used as fuel for the ovens and the "cachaza" (residual materials from the sugar cane juice) is used to feed animals.

We have stringent quality control in place to ensure the integrity of the process. We hope you enjoy this fabulous product and that you continue to support local and better farming in Latin America.

Common names for this product

People from different countries use different words to refer to this product, for example:

  • Several countries of Latin America call it "panela".
  • Perú and Chile call it "chancaca".
  • Venezuelans, Mexicans, and Guatemalans call it "papelón".
  • Indians call it "jaggery".
  • Costa Ricans call it "tapa e' dulce".
  • Ecuadorians and Brazilians call it "raspadura".

Ingredients: Wholesome organic sugar cane juice.
*This product does not contain preservatives, artificial flavors, or colorants. This product was not processed using chemical additives.
Product of Ecuador
Keep in a dry and cool place.
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International Orders

Paisanitos® Organic Raw Sugar is available to you in different sizes and presentations. Product for international orders is only available in fully loaded containers. Currently, this product cannot be consolidated with other Paisanitos® products.

Product Presentation Units per Case Cases per container (floor loaded) 40 ft.
455 gram (1 lb) bag 48 1.110
900 gram (2 lb) bag 24 1.110

Shelf Life: 36 months when packaged.

Product presentations: product may also be packaged in bulk.


National Orders

Paisanitos® Organic Raw Sugar is currently only available for sale in Costa Rica in full container loads (see chart above).

For additional information on national and international orders please visit our ‘Contact Us’ section.